What customers are saying...

"Prana flutes are musical instruments not decorations, yet they have an intrinsic beauty that cannot be denied. The sound is clear, bright and strong, without the breathiness found in other native flutes. The work and energy imbued in these flutes is obvious not only in the images online, but clearly when held and played. A clean, beautiful musical instrument."

- Rios Graycloud

"The ease with which I can play my Prana Flute, is astounding. I can make it sound uplifting, lamenting, serene, powerful or transparant, according to my mood and my way of playing. It responds beautifully to every move I make, be it by breath or my fingers. If you're looking for a unique instrument made with care and patience, contact this man and see what he has to offer. He won't disappoint."

- Simon Debille

"Amazing flute, the best I have ever seen! very nice and easy to play, perfect sound quality! This is an instrument that is alive, that works with you. For me it touches me every time I play and this makes the experience very unique. It invites you to be totally in the moment, to be one with your flute."

- Geert Kumpen

"My Prana flute is not my first flute but it is the best. It is perfectly tuned and easy to play. It has a warm and clear sound, even on the higher notes."

- Angelika Ramjoie

"Just bought my very first flute. I was “blown away” by the passion, craftsmanship and sound of this beautiful handmade instrument. It grounded me to the earth in a way I never felt before. Thank you Raffaello for sharing your gift with the world through the process of flutemaking."

- Remi Schroyen

"Rafaello's love for the flutes shows in every detail. Their quality is superb! In both sound and looks. Pieces of art."

- Wouter Buijs

"I just got my very first flute and it exceeded all of my expectations. This beautiful instrument has a harmonious sound and pleasing visual attributes. It is a work of art. Raffaello puts heart and soul in handcrafting his flutes. "

- Olga Karetnikova

"The first thing you'll notice is the beauty of the Prana Flutes due to the simplicity and the quality of the craftsmanship. The second thing you'll notice is the soothing sound and the ease of playing. Just close your eyes and let the flute speak for you. Raffaello is also a very friendly guy, so if you have any doubts he can guide you towards the best Native American Flute for you."

- Marita Van Peet

"I love the flutes from Raffaello. You can truly feel the originality and vibe of his Soul in the flutes. Beautiful woodwork."

- Veronika Allister

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