Crafted by Raffaello Hendrickx

Crafted by Raffaello Hendrickx

440Hz & 432Hz

Tuned to 440Hz International standard, 432Hz healing frequency, or a custom tuning... Read More

100% Natural finish

Protected by natural oils and finishers using traditional waxing techniques, easy to maintain... Read More

Wordwide shipping

Buy Native American flutes from anywhere in the world with UPS Express or regular mail... Read More

Prana Flutes in Peru - Behind the scenes

Read more about my flutemaking journey on the about page

Professional tuning of a Padauk native american flute for sale in the prana flute shop

Professional tuning

Buy a Native American flute tuned to concert quality standards and experience clear sound, high responsivity, and play together with other instruments in perfect harmony...

Customer reviews:

"Prana flutes are musical instruments not decorations, yet they have an intrinsic beauty that cannot be denied. The sound is clear, bright and strong, without the breathiness found in other native flutes. The work and energy imbued in these flutes is obvious not only in the images online, but clearly when held and played. A clean, beautiful musical instrument."

rios graycloud

Rios Graycloud

bernhardt wolfsheart

Bernhard Wolfsheart


"This amazing Sweet Cherry flute is unique. For me the concert quality tuning is very important. Very nice and easy to play, the sound is clear and pristine, also soft and round. Raffaello puts his heart and soul in his flutes and they are beautiful in their simplicity. "

"Amazing flute, the best I have ever seen! very nice and easy to play, perfect sound quality! This is an instrument that is alive, that works with you. For me it touches me every time I play and this makes the experience very unique. It invites you to be totally in the moment, to be one with your flute."

Geer Kumpen 2

Geert Kumpen

Jesse wright

Jesse Wright


"Raffaello did an amazing job on my new flute. The order process was easy and transparent, shipping from Belgium to Tennessee only took a few days. Can hear the Love in this instrument."

I recently purchased my first flute from Raffaello and after hours of playing I'm still amazed by the beauty and sensitivity of its sound. The instrument itself is a piece of art from which the patience and love simply transpire. If you're looking for a quality flute that's environmentally friendly and ethically made, investing in a Prana Flute is a great a way to go!

Ella iris

Ella Iris

Close up of native American flute voicing with a file

"A voice for your soul, crafted with love."

The most important ingredient for any creation, is the love you give it. When crafting flutes I consciously focus on giving them love and care during all...

Custom Flutes

Design your dream flute with custom artwork and premium woods

Custom Flutes

Design your dream flute with custom artwork and premium woods

Play a professional Native American style flute

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