No discount madness here today…

Why? Because my pricing is already as low as it can get. And discounting further would kill my family's income. Now you might be thinking: "such high prices, as low as they can get? Right..."

Indeed my flutes aren't meant for anyone's budget. But in the past 3 years I've send out hundreds of flutes and I've never had a single return. And I've never received anything below a 5-star review, which I will continue to strive for.

But the quality I'm offering comes with a lot of work and effort, resulting in higher pricing. Some of the rare features my Prana flutes have (and will continue to have) are:

  • Strong and clean voicing, on all notes, on all flutes
  • Impeccable concert tuning with extended chromatic scale
  • 100% Natural finish
  • Single-bore flute design (not 2 halves glued together)

Again, quality has its price. But consumer madness like black friday is pushing society towards producing low-quality stuff with high profit margins, that are discounted to lure customers in. Society wants to be average. I'm not playing that game.

So what to expect in my flute store today? By purchasing one of my flutes you're supporting a small and passionate flutemaker. You'll receive a premium quality instrument that will last a lifetime, and... you guessed it - inflation is forcing me to update my pricing to 2022 numbers somewhere soon. So for now, you're still welcome to purchase one of the instruments in my flute store - at reasonable 2021 pricing.

Thank you for your continued love and support.


Many blessings,

Raffaello Hendrickx


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