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The key of a native american flute flute is based on the lowest, or fundamental note of your flute. It determines the pitch of the flute (high or low sound), the overall length of your flute and its price. Lets take a look at what this means for you as a (beginner) flute player.

High, midtone and lower flutes

First and most importantly when buying a flute is the sound it makes. Do you want a high sounding flute, a midtone, or maybe you prefer a deeper, lower sounding instrument?

In the table below you find all my available flute keys ordered from the highest sounding flute (Key of B) to my lowest flutes (Key of E), to help you pick the right pitch:

High Midtone Low
Key of B Key of Bb Key of A Key of G# Key of G Key of F# Key of F Key of E

To get better feeling of how every specific key sounds, just have a look at the detailed description of the flutes in my flute store. All my flutes have a sound sample in their detailed description.

The lower the key of a flute, the larger the flute will be in both length and diameter. Many people prefer the sound of lower sounding flutes. However lower flutes come with a higher price tag, and because of their size they aren't as easy to carry around. And on top of that, they are a bit more complex to play...

Best keys for beginners?

So if you are looking to buy your first flute, my advise is not to start on a midtone or high flute. The main reason is because the lower the key, the longer the flute will be. This also means that the finger holes will be wider and positioned further from each other, making the lower flutes a little bit more difficult to play (especially if you have small hands).

Also, breath control is more sensitive on bigger flutes. It's not impossible to start your flute journey on a bass flute, but your learning curve will be less sharp and you will need some extra patience.

So if you are looking to buy your first flute, my advise is to start with a flute in the key of G, A, Bb or B. In addition to being easier to start on, prices are also less costly the higher you go.

If you already have some experience playing the flute, you are more than likely able to play any of my lower flutes without any trouble.

To get better idea of the prices, sounds and dimensions of my flutes, take a look at the flutes in my flute store.

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