Flute lessons

If you're just starting on the Native flute, a 1-hour workshop (included with every flute) will get you on your way. Naturally after some time, you will feel you have mastered all the techniques given in this workshop. At this point it is useful to deepen your practice with an extra lesson.


We start with looking at your current skills, and further deepen the topics you need/want:

- Advanced playing techniques
- Playing the upper register
- Improvising (playing from the heart)
- Different scales on the Native Flute
- Combining flutes
- Sheet music / Nakai tablature
- Questions & answers
- ...

Personal Native american style flute lesson with Raffaello


Classes are either in-person or online, on the platform of your choice: Zoom, Teams, Skype, Whatspp, Facebook... You will need a camera and a microphone.

- Price per lesson (60 min.): €60,00

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Want to improve your fluteplay with an extra lesson? Get in touch and we'll schedule an individual class.

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