Prana flute wax

During 2022 and the beginning of 2023 Prana flutes were finished with a natural Tung oil and hardwax finish. If your flute has this finish, it was shipped with a container of Prana Flute Wax for maintenance which can/should be reapplied regularly. This exterior reapplication will enhance the sheen and vividness of your flute over time.

Waxing the outside of your flute with Prana flute wax

During the first year I advise to go through this waxing process every 3 months. After one year, ideally you should continue waxing once every year, or if the flute starts to look 'dull' to you.

It's ok but not necessary to wax your flute more often however if you do so, please wait at least 4 weeks between every waxing so the last layer of wax is fully cured before adding another one.


Prana Native American style flute with 100% natural flute wax


How to wax the outside of your flute:

1: Gently untie the leather strap and remove the totem from your flute.

2: With a piece of cotton apply the Prana flute wax to the totem and outside of your flute, working in circular motions. Be extra careful not to scratch or damage the shallow track and sound holes that normally lie underneath the totem.

3: Let the wax dry on your flute for 15-20 minutes.

4: Strongly but carefully, buff off the wax completely. The friction will create some heat for the wax to be applied even better.

5: Let your flute rest for 24 hours.

6: Clean the outside of your flute and totem with a paper towel or a piece of cotton.

7: Tie the totem and leather strap to your flute and make sure it is positioned correctly.


TIP: Always make sure your container with wax is sealed properly after using it. If not, the wax may dry out and become unusable.


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