Flute Care & Maintenance

Prana flutes are finished with natural products that need little to no maintenance. On the exterior (2023 onwards), my flutes have a wear-resistant hardwax finish that will live the test of time. It's made from natural oils and waxes (including sunflower oil, carnauba- and candilla wax) and is foodsafe for humans, plants as well as animals.

On the inside your flute is treated with a natural bore oil based on 100% pure almond oil, which is being shipped with your flute. It is recommended to oil the inside of your Prana flute (or any wooden flute) once or twice per year.


Oiling the inside of your flute

Oiling the inside of your flute will prevent the wood from drying out and offers protection against fungi and bacteria. You can use the Prana bore oil (shipped with your flute from aug 2023 onwards), or as an alternative you can simply use 100% pure sweet almond oil (widely available as a natural cosmetic product).



Native American flutes have two separate chambers: the Slow Air Chamber (SAC) which goes from the mouthpiece to the totem/block, and the main bore going from the block to the bottom of your flute. The main bore also has the playing holes.

Both chambers are kept in good condition by oiling it, but the SAC is most important to oil frequently, as it will get in touch with moisture every time you play it. It is recommended to oil both 1-2 times per year.


To oil the inside of your flute follow these steps:

0: Do not play your flute for 24 hours to make sure it is fully dry.

1: Gently untie the leather strap and totem from your flute.

2: Put bore oil into the the main bore and use a flute cleaning rod to distribute the oil evenly, until the entire bore has been saturated.



3: Hold your flute horizontally and put oil into the round ‘SAC’ exit hole.



4: Seal the ‘SAC’ exithole and the mouthpiece with your fingers. Twist and turn the flute to distribute the oil evenly over the entire ‘SAC’.



5:  Place your flute vertically (mouthpiece downwards) against a wall for 30-60 minutes and allow the excess oil to flow out.

6: Clean off excess oil with a paper towel. Place your flute vertically (mouthpiece up) against a wall for another 24hrs.

7: Clean off excess oil & retie the totem and leather strap.


That's it. Your flute is now in perfect shape again. Well done!


Exterior finish before 2023

If your flute was crafted between 2022-2023 it was finished and shipped with a container of Prana Flute Wax for maintenance. This flute wax can/should be reapplied to enhance the sheen and vividness of your flute over time, as described here.

If your flute was crafted before 2022 it was finished with Shellac (high gloss) and doesn't need any waxing.

All of these finishes are made with natural ingrediënts.

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