Native American Flutes in 432 hertz

Why are Native American Flutes in 432Hz special? The international standard tuning of A = 440Hz isn't the only one out there. In fact, world's most famous instrument, the Stradivarius violin, was tuned to an alternative reference known as A = 432Hz. Even Mozart, Verdi, and the Monks of Himalayan Tibet use this alternative frequency, claiming it is more natural, relaxing and in tune with the human body.

Benefits of 432Hz tuning

The reason why musicians and composers tune their instruments to 432Hz is because it makes them "feel good". Music being a playground of feelings, it seems evident to choose a tuning that gives you the best emotional outcome.

432Hz Music is said to promote a more meditative state, and to have a greater clarity in its sound. It is therefore used as a tuning reference for music therapy, shamanism, and meditation practices all over the world.


Soundhealing journey in 432Hz with Native American flute, didjeridoo and drums


But even classical musicians report positive effects from returning to 432 Hz, such as better audience response and a more laid-back feel to their performances.

How is it possible that a certain frequency is more "in tune" with human feelings than any other? To give further explanation, we have to dig deeper into what music actually is, and start speaking the language of the universe: mathemathics. Because the way we feel is influenced by vibration, which is studied in... physics.

"Everything in the universe is vibration."

- Albert Einstein

In tune with the Earth's vibration

Believe it or not - the earth has a frequency. It's called the Schumann resonance. It was documented by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952, and it is measured by taking the electromagnetic resonance between the earth's cavity and the inner edge of the ionosphere. Earth's frequency is very low, measuring 8Hz. This low frequency of 8Hz is also referred to as the earth's vibration, or its heartbeat.

In musical terms, 432Hz resonates with 8Hz. When you tune an instrument to 432Hz, the middle C in your scale will be 256Hz. Every musical pitch is a doubling of frequency, which means that the earth's vibration is a perfect C in 432Hz music, five pitches below middle C. The following table shows this mathematical connection:

Musical Note Frequency (432 Hz) Frequency (440 Hz)
C-1 8 Hz (Earth's vibration) 8,18 Hz
C0 16 Hz 16,35 Hz
C1 32 Hz 32,70 Hz
C2 64 Hz 65,41 Hz
C3 128 Hz 130,81 Hz
C4 (Middle C) 256 Hz 261,62 Hz

This is why 432Hz is said to be in perfect alignment with the earth's 8Hz vibration. For the same reason, 440Hz is said to be in disharmony with nature and out of balance with the earth.

Coincidence or not, this 8Hz frequency is also at the top end of the Theta brainwave state - a state that makes us humans feel relaxed but conscious and open to intuitive learning. Therefore it also makes good sense that 432Hz music "feels good".

Where is 432Hz coming from?

432Hz Has been with us long before science figured it out. As I mentioned before, famous composers like Mozart and Verdi used it, and when taking a look at Eastern cultures we find that singing bowls used by tibetan monks are also harmonic to the 432Hz scale.

Digging even deeper, the majority of instruments that we found in ancient Greek sites, as well as prehystoric Egypt, were tuned to the Earth's vibration.

Truth is nobody really knows where 432Hz originated. It appears that 432Hz is a tuning regardless of time and place in human history, tuning in with different cultures independently throughout human history.

432Hz on the Native American Flute

The Native American already has a meditative character thanks to its pentatonic tuning since your mind doesn't need to be active and thinking while playing this easy scale. Music can flow freely throught these flutes.

Adding 432Hz tuning to the Native American flute will even further deepen this meditative connection thanks to its direct alignment with nature, making it the ideal instrument for sound meditation, healing or shamanism.

Most of the flutes in my flute store are tuned to 432Hz, however any tuning is possible. Just get in touch and ask for a custom flute.

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