Juniper “Key of F#” 432Hz


Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Juniper with details in Padauk.

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Audio sample (dry):


The voice of this Juniper flute is piercingly strong and clear. The price of this flute includes:

– 1 Hour individual workshop
– 1 Handmade flute bag
– 30-day no reason return


Technical details:

– Base note: F#4 (choose your key)
– Reference note A = 432Hz
– 6-Hole pentatonic concert tuning
– Includes chromatic notes (Fingering Chart)
– Finishing: 100% Natural shellac & bees wax
– Ø24mm single bore design
– Approximate length: 60cm


If you have any further questions or recommendations about my flutes, do not hesitate to contact me.

Juniper wood

Juniper trees grow all over the northern hemispheres. It is an evergreen tree growing berry-like cones (called Juniper berries) that are used in purification rituals.

The Juniper tree can live for 1,000 years old and provides a white softwood with colorful orange and purple adorations. Juniper wood is very similar to red cedar but is even more durable, making it perfect for flutemaking.

The voice of the wood is also similar to cedar wood: full bodied, at once soft and mellow as well as clear and pristine.

Flute bag

All flutes come with a flute bag, handmade to perfectly match your flute.

Individual workshop

Every flute includes a 1-hour personal workshop. For all practical purposes this workshop is held online, using the platform of your preference: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp…

This workshop is aimed at getting you started on your the Native American Flute. Topics we discuss are:

– Breath control & posture
– The pentatonic scale
– Creating Melody
– Developing rhythm
– Improvising
– Flute maintenance
– Questions & answers
– …

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