Oak “Key of E” 432Hz (Copy)

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Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Oak with details in Padauk.

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The voice of this Oak flute is open and deep with a sweet personality. The price of this flute includes:

– 1 Hour individual workshop
– 1 Handmade flute bag
– 30-day no reason return

IMPORTANT NOTE: The price of this flute has been lowered because hole 1 and 3 from the bottom were placed slightly out of position. The sound is beautiful but this flute only plays a pentatonic scale.


Technical details:

– 6-Hole pentatonic tuning
– Base note: E4
– Reference note: A = 432Hz.
– Finishing: 100% Natural shellac & bees wax
– Ø24mm single bore design
– Approximate length: 65cm

Connect with Prana Flutes

Flute bag

All flutes come with a flute bag. Every flute bag is handmade with organic cotton to perfectly go with your flute.

Individual workshop

Every flute includes a 1-hour workshop with myself. For all practical purposes this workshop is held online, using the platform of your preference: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp…

You choose the topics we discuss:

– Getting started
– Learn to improvise
– Sound meditation
– Indermediate/advanced flute lessons
– Flutemaking knowledge
– Flute maintenance
– Questions & answers
– …

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