Red Cedar “High A” 432Hz


Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Red Cedar with details in Padauk.

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Sound sample:


The voice of this Cedar flute feels sweet, caring and strong. The price of this flute includes:

– 1 Hour individual workshop
– 1 Handmade flute bag
– 30-day no reason return


Technical details:

– Base note: A4
– Reference: A=432Hz
– Basic scale: 6-Hole minor pentatonic
– Extended scale: Full chromatic
– Fingering chart: High A
– Finishing: Prana Flute Wax
– Diameter: Ø22mm single bore design
– Approximate length: 65cm

Cedar wood

Cedar wood is the grandfather of the Native American flute. According to legend the first flute was made from the branch of a Cedar tree, and today Cedar it is still the most commonly used wood for Native American flutes.

The wood of Cedar trees is very soft and light creating a very warm and full voice. Cedar wood is also extremely long-lasting thanks to the natural preservatives it has.

Red cedar wood is reddish to pinkish brown, often with random streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas.


Flute bag

My flute bags are handmade from traditional weavings to perfectly match your instrument. They have soft inside lining for better protection.

Individual workshop

Every flute includes a 1-hour personal workshop. For all practical purposes this workshop is held online, using the platform of your preference: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp…

This workshop is aimed at getting you started on your the Native American Flute. Topics we discuss are:

– Breath control & posture
– The pentatonic scale
– Creating Melody
– Developing rhythm
– Improvising
– Flute maintenance
– Questions & answers
– …

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