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Red Cedar “Low F”


Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Red Cedar wood with details in Padauk.

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Sound sample:

This Native American style Essential flute is tuned to a 432Hz or 440Hz with a pentatonic minor scale in the Key of F. The voice of this handcrafted flute feels warm and full.

The flute you receive will have the same design and quality as shown in the description above, including:


Multiple scales
Every prana flute is tuned to professional standards with extended chromatic tuning so you can play a variety of other scales perfectly in tune, without having to buy a new instrument, including: Arabian (Hijaz) scale, Aeolian scale, Major scale, Jazz scale, etc.

Single-bore design
Different from popular methods, Prana flutes are crafted from a single piece of wood by boring the sound chamber. This provides extra stability and a clean look, without seam lines that result from gluing separate wood blanks together.

Natural finish

The wear-resistant hardwax finish on this flute is made from natural oils and waxes that are safe for humans, plants as well as animals. It will live the test of time and needs little to no maintenance, providing a timeless low-satin look.

Technical details:

– Base note: F4
– Reference: By choice
– Basic scale: 6-Hole minor pentatonic
– Extended scale: Full chromatic
– Fingering chart: Low F
– Diameter: Ø26mm single bore design
– Approximate length: 55cm

Cedar wood

Cedar is the grandfather of the Native American flute. According to legend the first flute was made from the branch of a Cedar tree, and today Cedar it is still the most commonly used wood for Native American flutes.

The wood of Cedar trees is very soft and light creating a very warm and full voice. Cedar wood is also exceptionally durable thanks to the natural preservatives it has.

Red cedar wood is reddish to pinkish brown. Depending on each tree/flute the wood can be either darker or lighter. Sometimes even with random streaks and bands of darker red/brown areas.

Flute bag

My flute bags are handmade from traditional weavings to perfectly match your instrument. They have soft inside lining for better protection.

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