Walnut “High A” 432Hz


Handcrafted Native American Style Flute in Walnut wood with details in Wenge.

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The voice of this Walnut flute feels strong, focused and raspy. My essential flutes have the same professional quality as my concert flutes but with more basic woodwork, and crafted in series. The flute you receive has the exact design and quality as shown in the images above.


Technical details:

– Base note: A4
– Reference: A=432Hz
– Basic scale: 6-Hole minor pentatonic
– Extended scale: Full chromatic
– Fingering chart: High A
– Finishing: Prana Flute Wax
– Diameter: Ø22mm single bore design
– Approximate length: 46cm

Walnut wood

Walnut trees originate from Gaul, a region of Western Europe that includes present day Belgium, my homeland. Needless to say I have a special relation to this tree. I love using it for making flutes.

Native tribes see the Walnut as a symbol for clarity and focus, gathering of energy, and a beginning of new projects.

The wood of the walnut tree has a tight grain and can be shaped and polished very easily, making it fit for any type of woodcraft. Walnut has an average density (it’s not too soft, neither hard as rock), so as a flute it is fit for any type of key – low and high. Its timbre is clear and present.

Walnut also is an exceptionally beautiful wood. It can vary from light to very dark (black walnut), with the most exquisite natural drawings adorning it.

Flute bag

My flute bags are handmade from traditional weavings to perfectly match your instrument. They have soft inside lining for better protection.

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